lili29designs Jewellery Design




My designs made using the lost wax method
I create the piece from various types of wax; carving, sculpting and using heat to shape the wax into the desired shape and form.

As a starting point, I am usually inspired by nature, symbols and sacred geometry [unless creating a specially commissioned piece, in which case my client’s wishes are paramount]. I like to let the piece evolve naturally, and let it take its unique form.

All the bronze pieces are cast in a high quality silicon bronze which is safe to wear.

The wax piece is encased in a plaster mould that can withstand a very high heat. This casing is then put in a furnace. The wax melts and runs out of the bottom, leaving the plaster casing hollow. The mould is then filled with molten metal, my personal favourite being bronze!
The jewellery is then posted back to me.

Receiving my jewellery back from my casters is always a mix of happy anticipation and anxiety. Sadly not all pieces “make it” through the intense heating process. Sometimes the shape fails completely to form and is lost forever. This is one of the down sides of the lost wax method. Sometimes the shape or form is radically changed.
Now comes the hard work – each piece has to be filed, polished and buffed by hand.

My wire wrapped pieces
I hand select each stone, I tend to select more organic, free-form shapes. I then encompass it with wire, sometimes silver, sometimes silver or gold plate; depending on the client’s wishes and price point.

My aim is not to overwhelm or take away from the beauty of the stone, but to subtly emphasise it.


Bespoke Bridal Jewellery

I now offer a bespoke range of hairpieces which can be tailored to a wide range of needs, I use natural stones, in several colours and a variety of wires to create unique pieces that can be treasured forever. If you have a specific design or colour scheme in mind and Please get in touch!